14 September 2012

Over 3 million of insurance policies were sold over the phone and the Internet during the first half of 2012. A total of over PLN 600 million was spent on these. Compared to the first half of 2011, the number of insurance policies in the direct system grew by 9.5 per cent and the amount of the premium gathered rose by 16.1 per cent.

Motor insurance still dominates the direct market – 80 per cent of the premium derives from motor civil liability and motor own damage insurance. A year earlier, the ratio amounted to almost 82 per cent. This means that there is a slow but steady increase in the number of non-motor insurance policies in the direct system, says Paweł Zylm, head of the direct insurance team at PIU, the president of the management board at BRE Ubezpieczenia.

The number of natural disasters insurance increased by 31 per cent. This means that the direct system is more and more often used for insurance of flats and houses.

Te aggregated data was gathered on the basis of information from 9 insurance companies: Allianz Direct New Europe, Axa Direct, Aviva, Benefia, BRE Ubezpieczenia, BZ-WBK Aviva, Liberty Direct, Link4 and Medica Polska.