22 February 2012

Poles are increasingly willing to purchase insurance policies via the direct channel. In accordance with earlier forecasts of the Polish Insurance Association, the value of that market in Poland as at the end of 2011 exceeded PLN 1 billion for the first time in history.

Last year, over 4.9 million insurance contracts were concluded via the Internet and telephone. One year earlier, that number was almost one million lower. Just as in 2010, motor vehicle insurance dominated: third party liability policies of owners of motor vehicles constituted 58.4 percent, whereas motor hull insurance — 23.3 percent of the total number. Other types of insurance which were also sold via the telephone and Internet included: accident and sickness insurance (9.7 percent), assistance (5.6 percent) and other property insurance (e.g. of household and flats) (3 percent).

In 2011, the highest dynamics was recorded in the case of other property insurance and personal insurance. This is a consequence of the fact that direct Clients can benefit form the growing product offer: flat or household insurance, health policies or personal accident insurance.

We do not have data representing the whole market yet, but already today we can state that the direct market has recorded a significantly higher growth than other insurance distribution channels for another year in a row. It proves that we are slowly taking to purchasing policies on the Internet and telephone. Soon we will enter the mobile direct era, which means selling insurance via smartphone and tablet PC applications. This will contribute to an even faster increase of the number of policies concluded remotely – says Paweł Zylm, the Head of the PIU Direct Insurance Team.

The fist insurance via the telephone was sold in Poland in January 2003. That event marked the beginning of the direct insurance market in our country. Years 2006 and 2007 were a turning point for the Polish market. In that period, the number of companies offering direct insurance exceeded ten. Each year, this group is joined by other companies which provide the possibility of purchase and support of insurance via the Internet or telephone.

Now, as Clients, we can choose the most convenient way of concluding an insurance contract. Regardless of how and where we purchase a policy, we will be covered by insurance. At the same time, if we use modern solutions, we can more quickly contact the insurer when we need to and our insurer can help us faster, too – adds Jan Grzegorz Prądzyński, President of the Management Board of the PIU.

The PIU will constantly monitor the direct market and publish data on a quarterly basis.