24 July 2019

The Polish Chamber of Insurance launches an education campaign under the slogan #niezaklinaj (#dontplead). It is aimed at making Poles aware of the increasing risks and consequences of climate change. PIU emphasises that, in order to avoid the consequences of climatic events, appropriate prevention and good insurance are a must.


‘The PIU and Deloitte report “Climate of risk” clearly indicates the growing risks from the effects of climate changes. The educational campaign is essential if we want to be better prepared to face the consequences of climatic events. We want to engage local authorities, insurance agents and the media’, – says Marcin Tarczyński, manager for communication and analyses at PIU.

How aware are we?

The first element of the #niezaklinaj campaign is to study awareness about weather risks and insurance. The respondents were 2,000 residents of provinces with the highest risk of gales, storms and flooding – e.g. the Małopolskie and Podkarpackie provinces. The purpose of the survey is to check the extent to which Poles are aware of weather risks, the sources from which they get information on dangers, what preventive measures they take, and what they would do if they suffered damage. The survey also covers the approach to insurance, especially for houses and flats.

#dontplead, act

The ‘Climate of risk’ report indicates that only 60% of houses and flats in Poland are insured against flooding. . ‘The frequency and intensity of weather risks and natural disasters in Poland are due to rise, which means that both the state budget and the victims will need to pay a higher cost. This year’s heavy rainfall, storms and flooding are the best examples. We should change our “this won’t happen to me” way of thinking and stop casting weather spells. We really can do a great deal to be prepared for the consequences of climate change’ – stressed Marcin Tarczyński.

Learning aids

As part of the #niezaklinaj (#dontplead) campaign, the Polish Chamber of Insurance presents educational videos and graphic materials which show the best way we can prepare ourselves for gales, storms, hailstorms and floods, what to do if we suffer damage, and how to submit insurance claims. It also advises on the inspections that should be done regularly on detached houses and how to ensure their safety and good technical condition. PIU will provide the relevant materials to district offices and insurance agents throughout Poland. ‘We want to encourage local authorities to become actively involved in educating the Polish people. The effects of severe weather events can often be easily contained, by simply moving a vehicle, tidying up the garden or terrace. We would like to convince local governments to display our information materials on the information boards in their districts. We will make the materials in printable formats. The campaign will also involve public relations and promotional activities through our own channels: the nawypadekgdy.pl blog, the PIU expert blog and on social media, says Agniseszka Durska, communication expert at PIU. Some educational materials are to be created in cooperation with well-known influencers, including Janina Daily, Jarosław Turała, and Aleksandra and Piotr Stanisławski, authors of the popular ‘Crazy Nauka’ blog. They are going to educate the audience on selected weather events, their causes, risks and ways to protect against them.