15 November 2010

On 14 July the Polish Insurance Association received a Regulation proposal of the Council of Ministers on the establishment of the National Coordinating Committee on the Euro, the Coordinating Council and interdepartmental Working Teams for preparation for introducing the Euro by the Polish Republic.
The task of the Coordinating Committee will be decision-making, initiation and monitoring of activities related to the preparation of the Polish accession to the euro zone. The Coordinating Council will in particular interact with the the Government Plenipotentiary, monitor possible risks associated with the process of introducing the Euro in Poland, coordinate the work of the Working Groups and Working Teams while introducing the euro. Working teams will be advisory and opinion-making bodies of Coordinating Council, and their task will depend on the preparation of joint recommendations, opinions and information to produce a sub-National Plan of Euro Introduction.
Polish Insurance Association has been invited to participate in the Financial Sector  and Financial Stability Working Team. The tasks of the Team will in particular include:

1 / Identifying the necessary preparatory actions in the financial sector in connection with the planned introduction of the euro in our country as well as the determination of the principles and timetable for their implementation,
2 / monitoring the preparatory activities for the financial sector for the euro.

Polish Insurance Association will actively participate in the Team and keep its members informed about the progress of this work.