Conferences and seminars

A total of 35 people attended the legal expenses insurance workshops organised by the Polish Chamber of Insurance. The workshops took place on 23 October at Klub Adwokatów in Krakow. The workshops were run by members of the PIU’s Legal Expenses Insurance Team – Robert Szywalski, the team leader, and Małgorzata Trybuchowicz.

The speakers discussed the principles of legal expenses insurance, taking into account the issues which raise the most doubts among customers. It was explained what legal needs Poles have, what problems they report and what the doubts of the insured persons are regarding the performance of insurance contracts. It was emphasised what components make up the insurer’s liability, in particular elements such as the grace period and the exclusion of acts committed through wilful misconduct. The relationship between legal assistance provided under TPO, D&O and assistance on the one hand, and legal expenses insurance on the other was also discussed.

One of the event’s special guests and member of the Krakow Bar Association, Filip Fedorowicz, listed the advantages of using the services of a professional lawyer, such as the indefinite obligation of professional secrecy or the obligation to have TPO insurance.