services provided to the client under some determined circumstances, which are usually related to a random event; assistance services constitute a popular extension of coverage in case of motor, home or travel insurance but they can also be offered separately. Typical assistance services cover vehicle towing, support during travel including the organizing of medical services, concierge and fuel delivery.

Actio directa

based on the provisions of the Civil Code, the principle according to which a person entitled to compensation in connection with the event covered by the liability insurance, may assert a claim directly from the insurer. Actio directa facilitates and accelerates the redress especially in case of the universal risks. It is normally used, for example,in the MTPL insurance, where almost always the victim is the one who reportes his claim directly to the insurer responsible for that damage.


An expert who uses the methods of probability and statistics to calculate the risk of mishap. The insurance actuary is responsible, inter alia, for the construction of insurance tariffs, calculation of technical provisions, the valuation of insurance portfolios and calculating the solvency margin and equity.


a person or company that, on behalf of and under the insurer’s authority signs insurance contracts.