flood shall usually be regarded as an overflowing of water onto the lands in the consequence of a rise of water level in the beds of flowing or stagnant waters. The definitions given in general insurance conditions of particular insurers may slightly differ.

Franchising integral

the amount for which the insurance benefit is not paid, and above which is paid in full. The action franchise usually involves an integral shut-off of minor damage whose decommissioning costs may be even higher than the amount of damage.

Franchising reduced

reduction in the compensation paid by a specified amount or percentage of the insurance sum. From a technical point of view its task is to leave on the client’s risk losses, which from an economic point of view are not important to him. Franchising reduced also has a preventive role, meking the customer interested in the insured risk.


(From the English: fire, lightning, explosion, aircraft) the basic scope of coverage of fire insurance covering fire, lightning, explosion and collapse of the aircraft; FLEX + EC (called the extended cover) – fire and other risks / other random events.