Insurance accident

an event defined in the general terms and conditions of insurance or the insurance contract whose occurrence obliges the insurer to pay the claim indicated in the insurance contract.

Insurance prevention

any insurance-related activities leading to the decrease of the size and frequency of losses. Material prevention means the activities financed by insurers aimed at decreasing the perils (e.g. social actions which may influence the number of accident to be lowered, construction of dams). Intangible prevention is more common and covers exclusion or reduction of liability in case of dangerous behaviors (e.g. willfulness, driving under the influence of alcohol, inadmissible passing), insurance recourse etc.

Insurance agent

insurance intermediary carrying out activities on behalf of the insurer: the acquisition of customers, carrying out preparatory work for the conclusion of insurance contracts, concluding such agreements, and assisting in the administration and enforcement of insurance contracts.

Indexation of premiums

in life insurance it is an increase of the insurance sum and premium, respectively corresponding to the level of inflation indexation. In the long term indexation protects insurance contract against the dicrease of its value due to inflation.

Insurance Broker

insurance intermediary carrying out activities on of “the entity seeking insurance coverage” (ie client), involving the conclusion of or leading to the conclusion of insurance contracts, carrying out preparatory work before the conclusion of insurance contracts and assisting in the management and execution of insurance contracts.

insurance equity fund (in Polish UFK)

it is a separate fund of assets in life insurance, forming a reserve created from insurance premiums invested in the manner specified in the contract of insurance.

Insurance sum

expressed as the amount, a maximum limit to which the insurance is liable in a property insurance contract.


one of the parties to an insurance contract. An indyvidual, or legal entity without legal personality, which enters into a contract and pays the premium


A person who is at risk. He/She is the subject of legal relationship resulting from this contract. It is this person who is protected, which is arising from the contract. This person, if the contract does not say otherwise, shall get compensation.


insurance company