3 December 2010

The report is a result of the work and analysis conducted by the Motor Insurance Commission of the Polish Insurance Association.

The report describes the activity of the Polish motor insurance companies which are supervised by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority; the report applies only the direct forms of activity. The collected data was acquired from the publications of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority and the Central Statistical Office. The report also reflects the data about the automotive market provided by the Automotive Market Research Institute as well as the information about road accidents presented in a report by the National Road Safety Board. The study is relevant only to mandatory insurance in form of the third party liability insurance (OC) and the own damage insurance (AC).

The report on motor insurance starts a new cycle of publications prepared by the Polish Insurance Association. The cycle will describe individual segments of the insurance market, both property insurance and life insurance.

Complete version of the report: „Motor insurance from 2006 to 2008”