20 December 2010

The district Court in Warsaw decided to secure the claim of PIU against a compensatory firm Casus. According to that decision, the firm, during the proceedings will be obliged to stop issuing advertisements which mislead customers. The ban concerns all mass media.

Justifying its decision, the Court stated that the credibility of the claims by PIU was sufficiently proved. According to the Court, the materials delivered by PIU in regard to the suit “expressly undermine the reliability of insurance companies concerning the payment of damages.” The Court believes that further advertisements of Casus could – in case of a decision for PIU – seriously disturb the insurance companies in getting across to all receivers of the advertisement with false content.

The suit against Casus was put forward by PIU in July, 2010. According to the Association’s opinion, by presenting the information about lowering damages by insurance companies, the firm misleads customers and frightens the casualties of road accidents and tarnishes the opinion of insurance companies within PIU. In the suit against Casus, the PIU demands a correction of false information in the advertisements. The corrections should be placed on the 2 or 3 page of “Gazeta Wyborcza,” “Metro,” and “Rzeczpospolita” and the costs will be incurred by Casus. In each of the papers, the correction should appear five times. Casus is also to apologize the clients of insurance companies for being misled and for tarnishing their good names. Moreover, PIU demands that Casus pay 100,000 PLN on the account of the Child’s Health Center which should support the Child’s Health Center Memorial Institute.