20 December 2010

The Polish Insurance Association together with the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the University of Warsaw have launched the Insurance Knowledge Sharing Programme. It is addressed to the students and scientific staff of the faculty as well as the whole University.

The Programme will be based on two elements: the series of open lectures at the FES of the University of Warsaw conducted by experts of the insurance market as well as vocational training in the PIU for the students of the faculty.

The first lecture will be conducted on the 26th October, 2010. Further lectures will be held once a month, excluding the exam sessions, winter and summer holidays.

Popularization of the knowledge on insurances and educational actions is one of the most important public functions of PIU. Its significant element is the close and regular cooperation with renowned academic centers. The cooperation has so far been focused on e.g. preparing the contents of branch conferences, editing “Wiadomości Ubezpieczeniowe,” and organizing competitions of final projects.
One of the target group particularly interested in insurance are the students of economic faculties. They are the natural receivers of information and knowledge on insurance. In the future, many of them may be interested in taking up jobs on the insurance market, therefore, they are looking for places where they could gain practice.

Therefore, the PIU together with the FES of the University of Warsaw prepared the Insurance Knowledge Sharing Programme. Within the program, the PIU received the status of an institution cooperating with FES of the University of Warsaw. More information on the program is available on the website of FES of the University of Warsaw.