3 December 2010

The Polish Insurance Association prepared a brochure targeted at insurance companies, titled „Audit programmes for chosen processes/sectors in insurance companies, part 1”.

The study was prepared by the Audit & Internal Supervision Subcommittee, a part of the Commission of Economy and Finances of the Polish Insurance Association and succeeds the publication titled “Classification of risk in the activity of insurance companies”.

The publication presents audit programmes for the processes of calculation and payment of the agency commission, eliminating the consequences of the events subject to the insurance, passive reassurance and business continuity management (BCM); the work finalises the first stage of research by the Subcommittee.

In the coming years, the Polish Insurance Association will publish other studies in accordance with the conducted works.

The publication provides substantial support for the internal audit departments of insurance companies; its content was highly rated by the KPMG company during their audit of the presented programmes. The official opinion given by KPMG is an integral part of the publication.

Full version of the brochure titled: „Audit programmes for chosen processes/sectors in insurance companies, part 1”

Recommendation of the brochure by the KPMG company