20 December 2010
NewsSports events

The representatives of insurance companies who take part in the race will be competing for the prize of the Polish Insurance Association – PIU Running Cup 2009 – in the 31st edition of the Warsaw Marathon. The insurers can submit their 6-person teams to a relay race – within the scope of the Running Friendly Company programme – which is held every year one day before the main race, that is the Warsaw Marathon. This year, the relay race will take place on Saturday, 26th September, and the main race on Sunday, 27th September. The objective of the event is not only propagating a healthy manner of spending free time, but also supporting the charity campaign organized by the “Warsaw Marathon” Foundation.

The competitors of the 31st Warsaw Marathon, the most popular Polish race, will run along the streets of the capital of Poland. The route of the race leads through Śródmieście, Powiśle, Żoliborz and Praga. It is expected that on Sunday 27th September, there will be approximately 4 thousand runners. A day before, there will be a competition of relay teams, within the scope of the Running Friendly Company programme, which will have to run the entire distance of the marathon – that is 42.195 km (5+10+5+10+5+7.195 km).

The Polish Insurance Association, for the first time this year, is involved in the promotion of this prestigious sports event. In June, the Association organized the first football competition for insurers – PIU Cup 2009. Currently, within the scope of the events of the “Warsaw Marathon” Foundation, the employees of insurance companies will be able to compete for PIU Running Cup 2009 in the relay race event. Three best insurance teams will receive the prizes of PIU Running Cup 2009. The Association was persuaded to take part in the event by Generali – the initiator of previous insurance races whose employees, for the 4th time, participate in the events of the Foundation.

6-person teams which represent a particular insurance company can enter for the race. They can do it via the Internet website of the Warsaw Marathon (www.ekiden.pl) and – which is very important! – simultaneously with it, they have to send the information to the address: izba@piu.org.pl, writing “Sztafeta” in the subject of the e-mail.

We encourage the company teams of insurers and also the insurance runners who would like to be part – as in the previous years – of the mixed team of the Association – “PIU Insurance Team”. This option is especially directed to those who cannot complete the entire team or have too many runners for one team. Attention – there is a limit of 200 teams which is quickly reached, that is why it is advisable that the would-be competitors enter for the race as quickly as possible.

The coordinator of the mixed teams is Mr Rafał Kałęcki from Generali (rafal.kalecki@generali.pl), who participated many times in the Warsaw Marathon. The prizes in the relay race event will be awarded as soon as the race has been finished, on Saturday, 26th September. 

We also encourage everybody to take part in the main event – the 31st Warsaw Marathon. This year, the time limit to cover all the distance is extended to as many as 8 hours which makes the marathon a lot easier for those who are not sure of their skills and capabilities.

Also the participants of the main race, in order to be able to compete for the prizes of the Association – PIU Running Cup 2009 – apart from the registration on the website of the Warsaw Marathon (www.maraton2009.pl), should send an e-mail to: izba@piu.org.pl, writing in the subject of the e-mail “Bieg główny”. The sponsor of the prizes is Generali, the initiator of the previous insurance races.

We encourage – competitors and fans as well – to take part in the event, especially that the there is going to be an immense number of people this year!

The event takes place under the patronage of “Dziennik Ubezpieczeniowy”.