Who we are

The Polish Chamber of Insurance (PIU) is a local trade organization representing all insurance companies operating in Poland. The main tasks of the PIU are to support the legislature in  establishing law.  The Chamber also leads activities to increase public awareness of insurance and to pursue a multilateral dialogue on the development of the insurance sector in our country.

The Polish Chamber of Insurance was established in 1990.


Taking care of high quality and image of the Polish insurance market
The Polish Insurance Association, as a representative of insurers,
makes every effort to protect and improve the conditions of their functioning.


  • Current, systematic and structured cooperation with the insurers
  • Analysis and resolution of current problems of the market in close consultation withthe  members
  • Dynamic expansion of the competence of the Association and improvement of its operation
  • Opinions on legal acts
  • Representing the insurance market and promoting the development of these services before the legislature (participation in the work of parliamentary committees)
  • Submission of law drafts
  • Exchange of experiences and gaining information from foreign institutions
  • Working together for the benefit of community law
  • Conducting cooperation with Polish MEPs
  • Organization of seminars dedicated to specific problemt
  • Recognition of the meritorious
  • Exchange of information with institutions and market participants
  • Cooperation with the PFSA
  • Cooperation with UFG, the Insurance Ombudsman, the Polish Insurance Association and Reinsurance
  • Cooperation with the Polish Society of Actuaries, the Polish Insurance Association and Financial Intermediaries
  • Cooperation with AIDA (Association of Insurance Law), Insurance Education Foundation, Association for Citizens Financial Security Minister and other Boards
  • Raising the insurance awareness of Polish people.
  • Dissemination of good market practices
  • Popularizing initiatives of insurers (e.g., prevention)
  • Supporting initiatives to broaden the general knowledge of insurance (e.g. through cooperation with universities)
  • Organizing training courses and industry conferences
  • Organizing and co-organizing of symposia on financial issues